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Date Title Actions
27th May 2016 Verdi Madison of Trans Pacific Featured in Air Cargo World view
19th May 2016 Alpha Maritime Services Appointed Liner Agent in Italy of NSC view
18th May 2016 World Freight International Awarded by Nepal Airlines view
13th May 2016 Alpha Maritime Services Report Shipment of 25 Heavy Cases view
10th May 2016 Member Interview: Claudia M. Benitez Caro of Caribbean International Cargo, Dominican Republic view
9th May 2016 Plaza Forwarding from Spain Visit Apex International in Japan view
4th May 2016 MTS Logistics Transport Agricultural Machinery from Belgium to Turkey view
3rd May 2016 Crown Logistics Takes the Time to Celebrate Staff Members view
3rd May 2016 MTS Logistics Deliver Huge Boiler from Belgium to Turkey view
3rd May 2016 Exhibition Collaborations in April 2016 view
2nd May 2016 MTS in Turkey Handle Transportation for Mersin Entegre Health Campus view
Date Title Actions
25th April 2016 Member Interview: Nils Christian Øvrum of Tangen Logistics, Norway view
19th April 2016 15th Annual Network Meeting Deemed a Success! view
10th April 2016 Mr. Prakash Singh Karki is Appointed President of the Nepal Freight Forwarders Association view
1st April 2016 Alstons Shipping are Fuelling National Pride in Trinidad & Tobago view
1st April 2016 Exhibition Collaborations in March 2016 view
1st April 2016 Special Bumper April 2016 edition of our Digital Newsletter view
1st April 2016 LoadLine Appointed UFO Exclusive Member for Morocco view
Date Title Actions
31st March 2016 UFO Representation in Senegal with Maziza Logistique view
24th March 2016 Member Interview: Steve Ko of APEX International, Japan view
17th March 2016 Alpha Maritime Services Perform International Road Transportation of Huge Thrusters view
16th March 2016 Cargo Distribution Network Report 415 Shipments with UFO members in 2015 view
15th March 2016 Alpha Maritime Services Handle Chartered Vessel from Italy to Bangladesh view
2nd March 2016 Aktis Shipping & Forwarding Report Delivery of Luxury Speedboat view
1st March 2016 Exhibition Collaborations in February 2016 view
Date Title Actions
27th February 2016 Member Interview: Wilson Braun of Double Star Logistics, Brazil view
8th February 2016 Alpha Maritime Services Move Huge Road Haulage view
8th February 2016 3 UFO Members Complete Cross Trade Shipment view
1st February 2016 Exhibition Collaborations in January 2016 view
1st February 2016 Jetwell Handled 562 Shipments with UFO Members in 2015 view
Date Title Actions
27th January 2016 Member Interview: Oluwole Adeyemi of Broadline Services, Nigeria & Benin view
13th January 2016 Alpha Maritime Services Handle 2 Huge Ship Engines from Italy to Chile view
12th January 2016 Expansion at Logistics Network Vietnam view
11th January 2016 Innovo Handle Boiler for Leading Coffee & Tea Brand in Myanmar view
4th January 2016 Exhibition Collaborations in December 2015 view
Date Title Actions
29th December 2015 January 2016 Inside UFO Newsletter is Issued view
17th December 2015 End of Year Message to Members view
1st December 2015 Exhibition Collaborations in November view
Date Title Actions
30th November 2015 Registration Open for 2016 Annual Network Meeting view
13th November 2015 UUC Handle Shipment for Macau International Music Festival view
9th November 2015 Innovo Shipping & Logistics Report Recent OOG Shipments view
2nd November 2015 Exhibition Collaborations in October view
Date Title Actions
6th October 2015 Business Email Compromise Scam view
1st October 2015 Exhibition Collaborations in September view
Date Title Actions
1st September 2015 Exhibition Collaborations in August view
Date Title Actions
29th August 2015 Registration for our 15th Annual Network Meeting is now open view
15th August 2015 MTS Awarded as one of the Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies in Turkey view
Date Title Actions
31st July 2015 Exhibition Collaborations in July view
14th July 2015 New and Refreshed Brochure Websites view
8th July 2015 UFO Cyprus: New Office and Warehouse Facility view
1st July 2015 Exhibition Collaborations in June view
1st July 2015 July 2015 edition of our Digital Newsletter view
Date Title Actions
16th June 2015 Photos of aid being distributed at the Mandali Devi Primary School in Nepal view
2nd June 2015 UFO Representatives from Nepal and Japan meet in Tokyo view
Date Title Actions
29th May 2015 Exhibition Collaborations in May view
11th May 2015 Nepal Aid Relief Efforts by World Freight International (WFI) view
7th May 2015 ALLSTA Nominated for Lufthansa Business Partner Program view
1st May 2015 Exhibition Collaborations in April view
Date Title Actions
1st April 2015 Fresh New Design for our Digital Newsletter view
Date Title Actions
30th March 2015 Exhibition Collaborations in March view
26th March 2015 Seatop Logistics Welcomed in Cambodia view
24th March 2015 UFO Members raise $2360 towards Doctors without Borders work in response to the Ebola outbreak view
23rd March 2015 New Smartphone Service view
18th March 2015 UFO Lands in Bangkok! view
10th March 2015 2016 Meeting Location Revealed! view
1st March 2015 ILM Level 5 Certificate in Leadership and Management view
Date Title Actions
17th February 2015 Broadline Services in Collaboration with Sanya Airways view
10th February 2015 Quality Control Survey 2015 Results view
3rd February 2015 Jetwell Handled 639 Shipments with UFO Members in 2014 view
2nd February 2015 New UFO Representation in Angola with SLIA view
Date Title Actions
30th January 2015 UFO Fundraising for MSFs Fight Against Ebola view
29th January 2015 Power of UFO Demonstrated as ACM Visit ABM view
28th January 2015 Aktis Handle 37 Fire Trucks from Italy to Greece view
15th January 2015 EAF 2014 Customer Service Award Announced view
1st January 2015 Latest UFO Newsletter Issued view
Date Title Actions
30th October 2014 Alpha Maritime Services: New UFO Representative in Italy view
29th October 2014 2 Recent Jobs from Express Air Freight, USA view
8th October 2014 Eastway Global Forwarding Announce New Dublin Office view
6th October 2014 Crown Logistics - A Dynamic & Enthusiastic Company view
Date Title Actions
14th August 2014 Aramex & Tatweer delighted with THT's Service view
4th August 2014 Veslam Shipping and Manning deliver in Antarctica view
Date Title Actions
23rd July 2014 Emilio Plaza Continues Tour of Fellow UFO Members view
21st July 2014 UFO Dominican Republic and UFO Spain Team Up view
Date Title Actions
30th June 2014 Branch of CPS Gain Representation in Guatemala view
30th June 2014 UFO Head Office Awarded ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 view
7th June 2014 Turk Logistics Launch Corporate Video view
3rd June 2014 Tab-Tra (Ethiopia) Handle National Railway Project view
Date Title Actions
9th May 2014 VVM Cargo: Exclusive Representative in Paraguay view
Date Title Actions
16th April 2014 Round-up of our 13th Annual Network Meeting view
2nd April 2014 Darka Discharges & Delivers Survey Boat for the Merowe Dam view
Date Title Actions
28th March 2014 Mentoring Session with 3 Business Students view
Date Title Actions
6th February 2014 UUC in Macau Remarks on Market Expansion with Members view