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Previous Meetings

The new era of remote working has compelled us to invest in a bespoke new Meeting Hub where our Members can connect virtually using the platforms that have now become an essential part of daily life. Today’s technology has certainly made it easier for our Members to keep in touch but meeting face to face is, and always will be, the key to effective networking and business success.

Date Name Action
18th February 2024 2024 Network Meeting: Thailand view event
23rd October 2022 2022 Network Meeting: Abu Dhabi view event
26th September 2021 2021 Network Meeting: Croatia view event
28th April 2019 2019 Annual Meeting: Botswana view event
14th May 2018 2018 Annual Meeting: Vietnam view event
7th May 2017 2017 Annual Meeting: Czech Republic view event
17th April 2016 2016 Annual Meeting: Dubai view event
15th March 2015 2015 Annual Meeting: Thailand view event
13th April 2014 2014 Annual Meeting: Italy view event
21st April 2013 2013 Annual Meeting: Thailand view event
6th May 2012 2012 Annual Meeting: Dominican Republic view event
9th February 2011 2011 Annual Meeting: Hong Kong view event
10th March 2010 2010 Annual Meeting: Greece view event
18th February 2009 2009 Annual Meeting: Cambodia view event
14th May 2008 2008 Annual Meeting: Mexico view event
23rd April 2007 2007 Annual Meeting: Thailand view event
8th May 2006 2006 Annual Meeting: South Africa view event
28th February 2005 2005 Annual Meeting: Malaysia view event
23rd February 2004 2004 Annual Meeting: Spain view event
17th February 2003 2003 Annual Meeting: UK view event
25th February 2002 2002 Annual Meeting: UK view event